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About Puppies 'N Dogs

About PuppiesnDogs.com
Here at PuppiesNDogs.com we love dogs. There is no better expression on a child's face than when a parent brings a cute, bouncy, and tail-waging puppy home. Children as well as adults' faces just light up! It is no secret that dog owners are overall more happy, peaceful, have less stress, and just enjoy life more than non-owners. We just hope to spread that around more!

Founded in 2009, Puppies N Dogs is the premiere source for finding the perfect puppy for you and your family. We offer a place for breeders and puppy owners to list their lovable puppies for potential and future owners. Operating out of Dallas, Texas, we are here to serve you ...

Our Mission
Every year millions of dogs and put down in shelters across the country because a suitable home was not found for them. Though our website is small, if we can reduce that number even just by .1 percent we will be grateful. Our mission is simply to provide a place for breeders and puppy seekers to come together and find a home.

Since our doors have opened in 2009, we have placed thousands of puppies into loving homes to make both breeder and owner happy. Go ahead and browse our listings or read up on the different breeds, and if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us.