Top 10 List of the Best Family Dogs

Breed Profile


American Bulldog

  • WEIGHT: 70 to 120 lbs
  • HEIGHT: 20 to 28 inches
  • COLOR(S): Brown, red, tan, brindle or white
  • BREED GROUP: Working

Top 10 Best Family Dogs

The best family dogs are breeds that are characterized by an enthusiastic nature and an eager desire to join in with family activities and outdoor playtime. Most great family dogs also have high energy levels with lots of stamina. While all these breeds are family-friendly there still needs to be training and conditioning as a puppy. Below is a list of the top 10 family dogs, just click on the image for a closer look at the breed.

  • Beagle1. Beagle - Beagles are balls of energy always ready to play and make all around fun family dogs. This scent hound breed is also not intimidating in size for young kids.
  • Golden Retriever2. Golden Retriever - These are the classic family dog fun, loyal, and instinctively friendly. With a beautiful golden appearance they are eager to please who loves everyone they meet. Great dog for families with lots of kids.
  • Bearded Collie3. Bearded Collie - High energy dogs that are more suited for rural and outdoor settings. This dog breed has a very affectionate nature and should be trained early on. Grooming can be a challenge.
  • German ShortHaired Pointer4. German ShortHaired Pointer - A non-aggressive and versatile gundog, this breed makes a great addition with older kids. They love long country walks and are always ready to play a game of fetch.
  • Basset Hound5. Basset Hound - Not everyone has time & energy to run and play outside all day. This breed is the perfect family dog for those who love to lounge. With energy like a sloth they make a great couch companion.
  • Dachshund6. Dachshund - Although a bit goofy in appearance, this breed can make a great addition to an already odd family! Great as lapdogs, they are also a breed for low-energy families. They are low shedders as well, so grooming is an ease.
  • Bull Terrier7. Bull Terrier - A unique dog breed with an egg-shaped face and muscular in appearance. They are loyal, playful and always have a can-do attitude. Great dog for a family with teenagers.
  • Boxer8. Boxer - Their name represents their playful nature, often jumping and wrestling, which is good for older kids. Also protective in nature, with proper training can make excellent family watch dogs.
  • Miniature Schnauzer9. Miniature Schnauzer - Great all-around family dog for young kids as well as old grandparents. Labeled a hypoallergenic dog, it does well in homes for allergy sufferers, highly intelligent as well.
  • Shih Tzu10. Shih Tzu - The ideal companion dog, great for city-dwellers and home settings. Comfortable around people, the Shih Tzu does well with kids being kept inside. Grooming takes some time.