Hunting Dog Breeds: 33 of the Best Gun Dogs

Hunting Dogs with Birds

Hunting and dogs go back thousands and thousands of years forming a partnership that is strong and vibrant to this very day in the hunting community. For many dog breeds, especially coming from Europe, it is in their blood and natural born instinct to hunt, flush, retrieve, tree, and track.

While most breeds can be trained to assist in a hunt, there are certain types of dog breeds that excel above all others. The AKC calls this the Sporting Group and is comprised mainly of pointers, setters, hounds, retrievers, and spaniels. Qualifying breeds need to be brave to wild animals, obedient to the master’s command, diligent to focus on a trail, possess keen eyesight, tuned ears, with an uncanny sense of smell.

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Complete Guide to Therapy Dogs

People who find themselves in hospitals or long-term care facilities often experience feelings of sadness, loneliness, and even abandonment, but a visit from a loving pet can quickly improve their physical and emotional health. Therapy dogs are trained to accompany their owners or handlers on special visits to the sick and elderly. The calming presence of these dogs soothes and touches the lives of the children and adults they greet. Although therapy dogs are often Labradors or Golden Retrievers, any good-natured, well-behaved dog is eligible to become a therapy dog. Therapy dogs may be of any breed or age, but they must be gentle and obedient in every situation. They should not be confused with service dogs, which serve a different purpose.

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Top 12 Dog Breeds for Running

Ever take your dog for a nice run, only to find out that he/she wasn’t up to the test? Like humans, every dog breed has its strength and weaknesses, and there are some breeds that are more aptly designed to be ‘running dogs’. Again, these are generalizations, as some people like short fast runs, while others like slow, long jogs 10, 15, even 20+ miles.

Below you have the top 12 dogs that are built for the runner in mind, broken down into 4 categories. Of course, the list is not exhaustive and many of these breeds can fit all types of runners, with that said:

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Puppy Parade – Homecoming Day!

Photo: blackdog_whitedog_us

Pomp and circumstance, let’s do a happy dance — puppy is coming home! The big day has arrived when you and the breeder agree that puppy is properly weaned and of age to make that big step. Puppy will be excited about beginning this new adventure, but these feelings will most likely be mixed with some sadness. Fellow littermates will be quickly missed, and possibly the parents, as well as the handlers from their former home. This is only natural, but so will be its transition to beginning a new life with you.

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Pointers Before Puppy Comes Home


Oh boy, oh boy! A new puppy, and she’s a charmer! So congratulations — you did the legwork, researched the breeds, and made a sound investment. The hard work is now over, you say? Sorry … not by a long shot!

Yes, you’ve found the perfect puppy, and this is an important first step. Now comes the fun part: getting ready for your puppy’s arrival so you’re new life together starts off on the right paw – err, foot! Trust me, the more you prepare, the more welcomed your puppy will feel and the easier the transition will be!

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