Beginning Your Puppy Search


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Funny how it is when you are looking to purchase a puppy, everyone has something to say! Sure, there are plenty of puppies for sale, but who in their right mind would take that leap without doing their homework first? That’s where our website,, comes in! We are not here to tell you which dog is best, just give you the facts and help you find the right pet for you and your family’s needs!

Spot the Breeds

A purebred dog has grace and beauty that is unique unto its line. More importantly, shopping for a purebred puppy takes an element of uncertainty out of the equation.

Researching by breed will give you an idea of how large the puppy will be full-grown, who they will become in temperament, and what it is going to need in maintenance. Browse our database of over 300 breeds so you can visualize the puppy that will be right for you.

Meet the Whole Family

Yes, genetics are an important part of the picture, but the environment in which the puppy spent it’s formative first weeks will have a lot to do with how well adjusted it will grow up to be.

We give you the chance to view breeder listings and sort by dog breed and state. Arrange a meeting on their premises if possible. Ask to meet the parents. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Many dog breeders are family-run, often with the puppies being raised as part of the household. Other breeders may have larger operations with pens and dog runs. This is not necessarily a bad thing, provided that the business is managed with kindness.

Shop Smart

The puppy is adorable! Now, check your facts before writing that check. Make a few phone calls and verify the breeder’s registration with the American Kennel Club, also known as the AKC. The AKC serves as an “advocate for the purebred dog as a family companion, advance canine health and well-being, work to protect the rights of all dog owners and promote responsible dog ownership.”

It does not matter if the breeder specializes in Chihuahuas or Bull Mastiffs; the standard an AKC breeder agrees to adhere to is the same. As a dog-purchasing consumer, take confidence and become educated in the protection and limitations this nonprofit agency offers.

Trust Your Instincts

The bond between humans and canine is ancient and strong. Consider Puppies ‘n Dogs, and my blog, an important tool in your research arsenal to locate the puppy of your dreams!

– Jack Russell

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  1. In that family you can also find Scots tiererrs and Cairn tiererrs. The schnauzer family is sort of similar, but a different can look at mini schnauzers, Brussels Griffon tiererrs. Westies are great dogs why don’t you go a little out of your area or wait until one comes available. Try Westie Rescue with your zip code. Good luck.

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