Puppy Parade – Homecoming Day!

Photo: blackdog_whitedog_us

Pomp and circumstance, let’s do a happy dance — puppy is coming home! The big day has arrived when you and the breeder agree that puppy is properly weaned and of age to make that big step. Puppy will be excited about beginning this new adventure, but these feelings will most likely be mixed with some sadness. Fellow littermates will be quickly missed, and possibly the parents, as well as the handlers from their former home. This is only natural, but so will be its transition to beginning a new life with you.

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Pointers Before Puppy Comes Home

Photo: 23am.com

Oh boy, oh boy! A new puppy, and she’s a charmer! So congratulations — you did the legwork, researched the breeds, and made a sound investment. The hard work is now over, you say? Sorry … not by a long shot!

Yes, you’ve found the perfect puppy, and this is an important first step. Now comes the fun part: getting ready for your puppy’s arrival so you’re new life together starts off on the right paw – err, foot! Trust me, the more you prepare, the more welcomed your puppy will feel and the easier the transition will be!

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Beginning Your Puppy Search


Image: Leone Coryell

Funny how it is when you are looking to purchase a puppy, everyone has something to say! Sure, there are plenty of puppies for sale, but who in their right mind would take that leap without doing their homework first? That’s where our website, Puppiesndogs.com, comes in! We are not here to tell you which dog is best, just give you the facts and help you find the right pet for you and your family’s needs!

Spot the Breeds

A purebred dog has grace and beauty that is unique unto its line. More importantly, shopping for a purebred puppy takes an element of uncertainty out of the equation.

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