Pointers Before Puppy Comes Home

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Oh boy, oh boy! A new puppy, and she’s a charmer! So congratulations — you did the legwork, researched the breeds, and made a sound investment. The hard work is now over, you say? Sorry … not by a long shot!

Yes, you’ve found the perfect puppy, and this is an important first step. Now comes the fun part: getting ready for your puppy’s arrival so you’re new life together starts off on the right paw – err, foot! Trust me, the more you prepare, the more welcomed your puppy will feel and the easier the transition will be!

The Pup’s Pantry

Make sure you are stocked with provisions well before new puppy is even carried over the threshold of your front door. Take it from me, puppies are hungry! Go to the pet shop and purchase quality wet or dry puppy food appropriate for your new pup’s age and size.

You’ll also need a pet carrier for traveling, wee-wee pads for housebreaking, and a nice collar and leash for those strolls around the neighborhood. I recommend getting a couple good quality leashes and collars in case one gets dirty or wet … nothing more uncomfortable than a wet collar!

Find Puppy a Spot

Was it Virginia Wolf who said every puppy needs a space of his own? How true! I’m not talking about a cavernous room, where the puppy will feel alone and isolated — rather a corner of the den or a stretch of corridor — a spot in the house that is warm and comfortable, someplace that is central and well traveled by you and your family, but also a space which the puppy will grow to know as theirs. Remember those essentials you’re getting at the pet supply shop? Well one of them should be a bed. Puppy’s bed will be the cornerstone that will carve out that niche of space.

Not just Space, but Grace

Remember that the first month will be crucial in puppy’s adjustment to the new surroundings. So do clear your calendar: vacations, long business trips, and even too much home entertaining should be avoided during this introduction period. The reason for this is that puppies are creatures of routine, but that routine will never be properly established if it’s interrupted with gaps and interruptions.
Call this the grace period, if you will — it’s the window of time set aside for you and puppy to get to know one another. Ultimately your devotion of time will be more valuable than anything money can buy, and it’s an investment that will payoff big-time.

Project Puppy, Ready to Launch!

Every dog may have its day, but first puppy must have a house that it can call home. By making the proper preparations, you’ll have come a long way in creating a safe and welcoming environment that will not only make conditions more comfortable for your new puppy, but for yourself as well. So go and give yourself a nice, big pat on the back! Jack knows you will do good!


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