Welcome to the Puppies ‘n Dogs Blog!

Greetings and salutations! Welcome to the Puppies ‘n Dogs Blog. Don’t be shy – I am pleased to have you sniff around my blog, offering information directly from a dog’s eye view!

Your Forum for Anything and Everything Canine Fine

I’m here to offer pointers on picking the perfect puppy, act as a retriever of data showcasing different dog breeds, and will shepherd you through the labyrinth of information concerning the care and wellness of your beloved pooch.

My Blog is a reputable glossary of advice concerning the needs of your furry four-legged friends. Check out the links to my recent posts and browse the archives for discussion on a wealth of subjects that you will find both enlightening and entertaining!

Tackling your Most Tag-Wagging Topics

Yes, I will be giving sound dog and puppy diet, exercise and health advice. But will also tackle some of the trickier topics such as:
topics such as:

•Puppy Preschool
•Dog Life in the City
•Dog Travel Dos ‘n Don’ts
•Can Cats ‘n Dogs Live Together?
•Doggy Dates

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Connect with your Next Pup

Are you shopping around to meet your new companion? Regard PuppiesnDogs.com as your puppy personal ads! This is the place you can connect with reputable breeders in confidence!
The Puppies ‘n Dogs website includes hundreds of listings that feature only the finest purebred specimens of all shapes and sizes from all over the United States. Each and every puppy is raised in a positive environment by registered breeders who not only take pride in their work, but also love what they do.

Puppiesndogs.com operates on the philosophy that the purchase of a new puppy is not just an investment of financial nature, but one of time and love. We are here to facilitate and assist in this most rewarding bond between puppies and people.

The Puppies ‘n Dogs Blog along with Puppiesndogs.com is here to serve as your loyal guide, both before and after that puppy purchase. We vow to provide support that will last a lifetime. So come around and mark your territory, for here you are amongst friends. Now that’s something to wag your tail about!


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