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German Shepherd Dog Puppies
German Shepherd Dog Puppies German Shepherd Dog Puppies German Shepherd Dog Puppies German Shepherd Dog Puppies


Proudly Raising Outstanding Quality German Shepherds In a Family Ranch environment, born in our home, fed homemade food Crossing great foundation lines with phenomenal Schutzhund Titled lines Oversized & Traditional Size Traditional & Rare Long Coat Black/Red, Black/Tan & Rare Black Exceptional Dispositions/Smart/Desire To Learn Athletic/Long Healthy Lives We Have The Right Puppy For You FAMILY PET/LOYAL PROTECTOR/LOVING COMPANION
We Breed for
Beautiful Short & Long Coat**Black/Tan-Rare Black-Black/Reds
Superior Intelligence: Easy to train-Want to Please
Athletic, Strong Bodies, Large Boned
Exceptional Confirmation-Beautiful Markings
Bred from the best titled World Champions/SCHIII German Imports
Family Companion-Loving Protector: Oversized-Intimidator-will give their life for you-no need to be vicious-just scare predators
Enjoy being Part of a Family: Protect & relax being part of the family
Superior Pedigree: Proven Pedigree-Shaped by Instinct-Breeding increases Intelligence-Good Minds-Long Healthy Life
Best of the Best-World Champions of herding-tracking-protection-obedience-confirmation
Why breed from strong German Schutzhund Working lines?
When I started breeding German Shepherd Dog, knowing the puppies would be family companions and protectors I put a lot of thought into the breeding lines I would include to produce the perfect all around family dogs, with intelligence, at comprise our World Class breeding stock speak for themselves. The Schutzhund dog is carefully evaluated for excellence of structure, temperament & courage. These impressive requirements are only guidelines for our dedication to the breed. Many times dogs with great prerequisites should not be bred together because of incompatible bloodlines or characteristics.

Parents on Premises-Family Home Raised with a Special Puppy feeding program designed here on the ranch.
1- Full Completed American Kennel Club Registration
2- Activated loss program microchip
3- Full internal parasite control program
4- First and Second Puppy Shots (DHPP+CV)
5- Puppy care kit, 5 lbs of dog food, Puppy Vitamins, Joint Supplements, Puppy Pads, Chew Bones, a toy that has been rubbed on mother, father and litter mates.
6- Puppy Care Booklet
7- 3 Generation Pedigree
8- Veterinarian inspected and approved prior to leaving the ranch
9- One year Health and Hip Guarantee.
All parents have had at least a prelim hip checks, but more important out of over 500 puppies we have only had 2 puppies x-ray less than fair.
We do not have any known health issues in our breeding program, many of our puppies surpass 12 years and several have reached 14 and 15 years without any health issues.
I know that when I was adding a dog to our program they would be having puppies that would be a family member to new family and loved very much, so we wanted to make sure we are do it the right way for the best puppy for the best new family.

Puppies start as low as $900

We are accepting a limited amount of reservations for these puppies at this time.

Khaos von salerno
Akc# DN28022302
Phenomenal Deep Rich
Black & Red -- Short Coat
Tall Large Oversized with Large Bone Structure
Impressive Confirmation
100% German Schutzhund
Champion Imported Decent
Grandsire:2x VA (VA1)Superioue’s Zathan-SchH1-BHP3-KKL1
He will steal your heart but no one will steal from you when you have a dog like ARES around to take care of you.
Extremely Smart – Wants to Please
Loves to Play
He is truly bred for the Best from Generation upon Generation
To give you the Perfect Puppy
ARES: Black/Deep Rich Red - Lush Short Coat – 30+ inches tall, and 120 lbs Totally Awesome from 100% German Imported Schutzhund Champion lines Champions in Germany - Sweden - Japan - USA - Italy - Austria - Canada - Spain - Norway Such great lines used for Breeding & Competing & Winning all over the World. Ares has 13 Sieger (Champion of Champions) in only the last 5 generations -- We were fortunate to add him to our family Impressive Markings with a Spectacular Massive Bear Head. He has an Extremely Loving Disposition - Protective - Very Intelligent The ideal dog to have as a pet and in my breeding program - Producer of astonishing puppies Continuing the Generations of Great Sires. Ares is our Charmer but so Big-he’s Intimidating Oversized, Large Boned Absolutely Stunning - First anyone notices of course is his size – then they fall in love with his charming big boy ways
**ARES** is an extraordinary dog in every way – He has a magnificent head- with a stunning build, large boned, oversized at 138+ pounds - over 30 inches tall, incredible deep red and black, 100% German bred with a pedigree filled with Schutzhund Champions --- 13 Siegers in just the last 5 generations – Sieger is champion of champions – the best of the best. The Schutzhund dog is carefully evaluated for excellence of Intelligence, Structure, Temperament & Courage, bred to compete in three event simultaneously Protection – Obedience – Tracking. Ares is a proven producer of Astonishing Perfection… He is a true heartbreaker – Everyone is in Awe of this Terrific dog. He is very Smart – Loving – Loyal -- everyone that comes to the ranch falls in love with him.

Engel Gesicht der Schatten Herzen
(Angel Face of ShadowHeart)
Black/Red-Long Coat- Huge Over-sized/Large Boned -- Large Bear Head
Angel is a very large, long coat, large bear head bred from a beautiful cross of Valiantdale, Royalairs and Keisthaus lines which used Great German Imported Champion Schutzhund dogs-bred for
. These lines compliment my foundation lines, and will produce Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous Puppies.
Angel, a True Lover- Everyone that sees her is Awe Struck how Big & Gorgeous she is
with the Perfect Loving Temperament
She has a Remarkable Ability to do what I need
Before I have even asked her to do it.
Consistently producing Fabulous Huge-Old Fashion-Long Coated Puppies
Angel from Generations of these fine Dogs will continue to have
Puppies that will
Fill your Hearts with Love and Days with Enjoyment

Bonnie L1
• AKC# DN17937501
• bred to Ares -- Due in Dec 2013
• Mother’s Sire: Typecasts Magnums Joy Mother’s Dam: Sequoia von Suz
• Gorgeous Bold Markings on Black & Red - Short Coat
• Medium to Large Build
• Athletic – Smart – Loving
• Bonnie is a player, she will play ball happily for hours and hours. She is Very Smart & Clever, Loving and a True Charmer.
• Exquisite Confirmation
• Marvelous Pedigree
• Working Schutzhund Titled
• Imported German Lines
• Pedigree filled with mostly German Schutzhund Champions Crossed with a few Confirmation Champions Several World Champions of herding, tracking, protection, obedience and confirmation.
• She has consistently produced exceptional Traditional and Oversized puppies with outstanding confirmation & Incredibly intelligent
• The Perfect Family Protector & Friend
She will have a puppy that will give you
Loving Loyalty making your family complete

Golden versprechung v schattenherz
(Goldend Promise of Shadow Heart)
AKC# DN27020606
Black & Tan – Short Coat
Goldie and Ares also had a litter of Puppies born just in time for their new families for Christmas 2013
Litter born on 10-6-13 CHRISTMAS PUPPIES Mother
"GOLDIE" She is a beautiful Golden-Black and Tan with a great pedigree, with some great oversized lines as well as great champion lines.
Loving Fair-haired Beauty bred for Oversized-Large Bone-Old Fashion Confirmation.
Her foundation lines were Consistently bred to produce Oversized dogs with
Great Structured by crossing German Imported Schutzhund Champions with Great Show dogs bred for Perfect Confirmation.
Goldie’s Grandmother was line bred from Outstanding German Lines Wheelchair Companion Dogs Competed and were Champion Service Dogs
Goldie has the most beautiful eyes they just make you melt.
She will without a doubt produce extraordinary puppies
Sire: Royalair’s Amo of Ale’-She’-- Dam: Ale-She’s Lady Liberty
Cross of Valiantdale-Royalair-Rangemaster – Oversized Lines of
Great Imported German Schutzhund & Confirmation Show Champions
Beautiful – Loving – Smart – Charmer
Bred for Generations to produce Outstanding Old Fashion Oversized Confirmation
Goldie’s father, Royalairs Amo of Ale’-She’ an oversized male already a big boy- still growing over 105lbs - 28 ½ inches tall.
Striking Black & Tan Markings - Framed in Mostly Black-Handsome Large Boned-with Fabulous Bold Head
“Amo” is Sire is Royalairs Silver Mark (130lbs-29 inches) from Valiantdale Kennel
Valiantdale is dedicated to breed for versatility-a general practitioner of many talents Producing a Large Substantial dog - well balanced both physically and mentally - A sensible dog with a strong natural drive which makes
A good candidate for any type of training - Maintaining the Old Fashioned German Shepherd
Specializing in Solid Black and Black & Silver German Shepherds
Gorgeous Large Impressive Heads - Bred German Imports from mostly Schutzhund lines crossed with Subtle Infusion of Great old Show lines so effectively just like us to consistently produce outstanding puppies.
Amo’s mother, Rangemaster’s of Royalairs, from old foundation lines of therapy and wheel chair specialty dogs.
Rangemaster lines were bred from predominantly Schutzhund Champion German Dog
for a dog of great substance & sound dispositions Working Line dogs- Seeing Eye dogs, police work, Army, Service dogs
Search and Rescue. Sound family dogs with solid in conformation. Classified as reliable with even temperament
Outgoing with a strong herding instinct. GoldenHeart was a big, calm, and very sweet dog. One of Royalairs biggest females standing 27” and 92lbs big boned dark patterned-large black/tan.

Ehre vom schattenherzen
(Honor of Shadow Heart)
AKC# DN26413702
Striking Black & Red – Short Coat
Oversized with Beautiful Confirmation
By our Wonderful Bubba and Bonnie
This is a phenomenal cross of German Schutzhund Champion Lines
I did not have one doubt that this dog would turn out any other way but Pure Excellence with
Extremely Intelligent - Keen Mind
Lovingly Playful – Lives for our Attention & Love – Unbelievable Athletic Abilities
HONOR by our Fabulous mother HONOR, she is a daughter of our big boy BUBBA, and our playful lover Bonnie. Honor will play ball all day and snuggle all night. Ares is the dad, he has consistently produced phenomenal puppies, pups with intelligence and incredible loving dispositions.
We also have a Fabulous litter by Honor & Ares born on 8-27-13 We have 5 boys and 3 girls available "Honor" is Sweet Loving Protector & Very Intelligent. She is a Classic Beauty in dark black/tan – short coated She is a large female with large bone structure, her father, Bubba is 156 pounds/31 inches to the shoulder – her mother is our Bonnie a wonderfully bred dog as well and put a very strong play – ball drive in the pups Both pedigrees filled with Champions-several world champs- tracking/protection/obedience and some beautiful confirmation champs
Litter born on 8-27-13 Mother "HONOR" She is a fabulous dark black and red - large boned by our great sire BUBBA who was 156lbs and HONOR passes on the oversized into her puppies. Honor loves to play ball all day long just like her mother and their pups are great lovable players.

Unser Versprechen SCHATTEN HERZ
Our Promise of Shadow Heart
Oversized Lines – Solid Black – Long Coat
Truly an Exquisite daughter of two of our phenomenal dogs,
Sired by our wonderful Bubba, exactly what I have been breeding dogs for over 20 years. BIG, Bold and Beautiful very large oversized (156lb) with large bone structure, with the PERFECT TEMPERAMENT - Personality, Personality, Personality
Gorgeous confirmation and a pedigree to match, Bubbas father was imported in Germany; Schutzhund titled in Germany and finished titling him here in the USA.
Bubba is, with Great Athletic Ability especially for his large size, he scales the hills with pure grace.
He has a huge heart, will never give up, always there for you when you need him.
Dam is our beautiful Peaches also a phenomenal dog, she is more traditional size, large for a female, both by the same dam, by line breeding them we have produced very nice large puppies. Peaches father was imported in Germany, Titled Schutzhund III in Germany, hold American, Canadian, Mexican Sieger Titles and much more. Sieger VA1 Urban vom Gleisenauer Schloss SchH 3, KK1.
Their mother Shadow is from my foundation lines and was one of the best dogs our ranch has ever produced, she had the love of 10 dogs and the heart of 100 lions. We called her Shadow because she was just always there in our shadow just in case she was needed. She saved my son from a Pit Bull attack, my other son from a stallion getting to him, as well as so many other times she was needed. She was the Perfect family friend and she will be always missed, but in our hearts.

Schatzen Sterne Des Schattens Herz
Protecting Star of Shadow Heart
AKC# DN30824715
Our Beautiful “STAR” – Solid Black – Short Coat --- 95 pound -- about 27 inches tall
STAR is a daughter of two of my finest dogs
“Pink” and “Bubba – Pink was one of my best mothers as well as she is purely gorgeous but she had a killer pedigree to go with the full package --- And then there is my Bubba, I bred for years to get as fine of a dog with such size, he at last weigh in was 156 pounds and over 30 inches tall, with a phenomenal pedigree with generation after generation of champion German bred Schutzhund dogs. Star was truly bred to be the best and her pups are proof of it. Producing intelligent, exquisite athletic and best of all loyal loving pups. Pink is Star’s mother – Pink is over 100 lb. Pinks are exactly what I wanted. She is a Large Traditional Size Loyalty is in her heart - she is smart, lives to please, everything you want in a dog.
SIRED BY THE GREAT DOG: VA 1 - Urban vom Gleisenauer Schloss SchH3,– Supremely bred – an daughter of a VA 1- “Urban vom Gleisenauer Schloss” SchH 3, KKl1″a”, a Sieger – Winner – Champion of Champion in Schutzhund ( which is like a triathlon for dogs competing in three strategic events, Tracking – Protection and Obedience) also holds titles in four different countries. Champion Sieger, Her mother was one of the best dogs I have ever raised from our foundation lines, the mother from Oversized Keisthaus breeding as well as 9/10ths German Schutzhund Titled Lines. PINKS HAS CONSISTENTLY PRODUCED OUTSTANDING PUPPIES, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING YOU WISH FOR IN A DOG.
STAR litter was born on 3-1-13 Available Puppies:
These puppies have all the shots including Rabies, Health Checked, and finished foundation on leash training with our professional trainer, Full Registration completely paid for, and Registered Microchip, Crate Trained.
DASH – MALE – SHORT COAT - BLACK/RED is a **BIG** boy, very smart and loves to please, he is the first at all of the training sessions, he also loves to be pampered
HONCHO – MALE – SHORT COAT - BLACK/RED is frisky and has a bubbly personality, loves to play and will love to be your couch buddy
AMAZING – MALE – SHORT COAT - BLACK/RED is a Fabulous Loving Charmer --- Oversized - So Very Smart – Beautiful Robust Conformation – with a Muscular Athletic Body
TUFFY – MALE – SHORT COAT - BLACK/RED is just special, he was the smallest in the litter but caught up with most of them, but he had a NEVER GIVE UP attitude, which he still has, he is very quick to learn, and very affectionate and faithful – he will warm your heart
FINESSE – FEMALE – SHORT COAT - BLACK/ RICH RED HONEY RED her sweet devotion to us, unfailing to be a friend making her the perfect companion
Star’s Pedigree Link:

Treu Schönheit von Schattenherz
(True Beauty of Shadow Heart)
AKC# DN28865801
Sire: Royalair’s Amo of Ale’-She’ Dam: Tapfere Schonheit v Shattenherz (Beauty)
Black, Short Coat, Large Traditional Size
Loving-Sweet-Adorable are the 1st words that come to mind when thinking about True
She is a Daughter of Beauty which is a Bubba daughter
Beauty–from my foundation lines, a wonderful dog for us
a Loving Pet-Superior Mother & Always produced Incredible Puppies
True’s father, Royalair's Amo of Ale'-She'-Oversized-Majestic Sire
he is a Splendid cross of Valientdale German Imported Lines
& Rangemaster's blend of German Import
That were bred & competed as Service Dogs
True will without a doubt produce Terrific Puppies
The Special Addition to your Family
True is a ½ Sister to Goldie – Same Father Royalair’s Amo of Ale’-She’
True has the Heart that has Proven for Generation
Love with Absolute Loyalty & Protect without Fear
She will in store that Instinct into her puppies
True is a 4th Generation Black – Truly an Exquisite Beauty like her Mother
Oversized Lines 9/10 German Imported Schutzhund Champion Lines
True is an amazing dog with so much love and devotion.
She is extremely attentive as well as smart.
I am sure she will give us equally amazing puppies.

Huff"s Venus
AKC# DN32079106
Black & Tan Sable - Short Coat
World Champion – German Bred Schutzhund Foundation lines
VENUS - marvelous loving dog – with superior intelligence - from a long line of superior German bred Schutzhund champions-several exceptional World Champions & American - Canadian conformation champions
Wonderful mother Producing Incredible very large pups-Stunning Conformation–Amazing Athletic Abilities
““VENUS”” is marvelous loving dog – with superior intelligence, sometimes gets her in a little trouble because she can figure out so much- bred from a long line of superior German bred Schutzhund champions including several exceptional world champions – with a thin line of American and Canadian conformation champions on her mother’s side, a wonderful mother producing incredible pups that grow into a great very large dogs with stunning statuesque conformation – amazing abilities – athletic charmers
Litter born on 8-21-13 Mother "VENUS" She is beautiful Black and Tan more traditional size but has produced outstanding oversized puppies by our Ares last year. Venus has a great pedigree with many German bred champion Schutzhund dogs as well as few conformation champions. She and Ares have the perfect disposition and without fail this has come out in the puppies.