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Belgian Tervuren

WEIGHT: 60 to 65 lbs
HEIGHT: 22 to 26 inches
COLOR(S): Dark reddish brown to russet mahogany with black overlay, black ears and mask.
Belgian Tervuren Puppies
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From colors ranging between deep mahogany to fawn and varieties of gray, the medium-sized Belgian Tervuren stands squarely and proudly as a display of both strength and beauty. Their elegant appearance is matched by a slender body of solid muscles. Their toes, chin and deep chest may sometimes sport white fur while their eyes are dark and nose is black. Their fur will often darken with age and is shorter on their legs, head and outer ears. Having a courageous and alert nature, their small, almond-shaped eyes twinkle with a questioning expression. Tervurens are intelligent dogs that excel with active families and remain devoted to their masters. They have a light, graceful gait that almost appears to be floating when they move. They have high amounts of energy allowing them to make exceptional working dogs in the areas of tracking, herding, agility and obedience. Suitable for both urban and country environments, these dogs are happiest when they can have space to exercise and have a job to do.


As working dogs, Belgian Tervurens enjoy having a job to do where they can expel their large amounts of energy. They are obedient and intelligent, but require early socialization. Socializing this breed as puppies is essential and requires an experienced master who can provide firm, not harsh, training. Tervurens are good for working as guard or police dogs and will perform well in competition obedience. They also make fantastic family pets who will be alert, loyal, watchful and loving. These dogs are serious and have strong protective instincts, but will do well with children if they have been properly socialized with them. Ensure that the Belgian Tervuren is kept part of the family and is not locked away in a kennel. This breed does tend to create a strong bond with one or two people and craves loving companionship. Belgian Sheepdogs are recommended for experienced owners who will be able to handle this very demanding breed.


Belgian Tervurens are not ideal for people who suffer from allergies; with a dense under coat, the dogs will constantly shed light amounts of fur. Twice a year, females will heavily shed while males will heavily shed only once a year. Their straight, medium-length outer coat is heavy and abundant, requiring daily combing and brushing. One or two times a week, their coat should be thoroughly brushed.


Free of major health concerns, this breed is considered to be hardy and healthy. Tervurens can experience minor health concerns including epilepsy, eye problems, skin allergies, excessive aggression or excessive shyness. On occasion, this breed with exhibit hip or elbow dysplasia. These dogs can become lazy, so overfeeding should be avoided to prevent obesity.


Tervurens are working dogs, accustomed to active outdoor lifestyles. They enjoy a lot of exercise and the opportunity to run off leash as much as possible. This should be done in a safe area. A long daily walk is also important.


Belgian Tervurens can be trained and will adapt to a variety of living situations including apartment life. This breed is moderately active indoors and should receive sufficient exercise opportunities if living in an apartment setting. They can stay outdoors but greatly prefer staying with their people and being part of the family. They do best with at least an average size yard and in cool climates.

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