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Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier

  • WEIGHT: 45 to 65 lbs
  • HEIGHT: 21 to 22 inches
  • COLOR(S): White, brindle, any color with white markings on head.
  • BREED GROUP: Terrier

Breed Profile

Estrela Mountain Dog

WEIGHT: 60 to 110 lbs
HEIGHT: 20 to 27 inches
COLOR(S): Yellow, reddish brown, gray, brindle. With or without white markings and black mask.
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A sturdy, mastiff-type dog, conveying an impression of strength and vigor, the Estrela Mountain Dog is not a massively boned bog. Estrela Mountain Dogs should be agile rather than cumbersome. They are large dogs with fluffy coats. They have a black mask, and can be many colors from fawn to wolf gray. They have a strong head with wide nostrils, and a bushy tail. Estrela Mountain Dogs have a heavy double coat, which sheds at designated times. They were originally used for herding and guarding in high mountainous regions, making food scarce. This has made them content with whatever they can receive in food. The same goes for love--Estrela Mountain Dogs need a lot of love, but are content with whatever they receive. They are a sociable animal that enjoys the company of their human family. Estrela Mountain Dogs are extremely loyal to the ones they love, but are indifferent towards strangers. Their loud bark can deter any threat, and they are good for guard dogs. Portuguese Sheepdogs need a firm handler, as they are stubborn and often self-willed. They do not like to be dominated, however, and need to convinced to do their job. They are adaptable to living environments, and get along with children and other animals. They are said to be very difficult to breed; as one owner stated, "If you start trying when she is just ...two, you may get her mated by the time she is three and a half." Hardy, agile, and loving--the Estrela Mountain Dog is a good herder, guardian and friend.


Estrela Mountain Dogs are loyal, affectionate to their owners, but indifferent to others. They are intelligent and alert, but inclined to be stubborn. They need a firm hand in training, but not a domineering hand. Estrela Mountain Dogs do not like to dominated and need to be shown why your way is better than theirs. They are generally friendly to children, as long as they are behaved. They have a natural nurturing instinct, and they like to bark, which is loud and threatening-sounding. They can be aggressive with dogs of the same sex, but are generally good with other pets. Estrela Mountain Dogs are generally gentle and devoted to their master. They are said to need a lot of love, but are content with whatever they receive.


Estrelas are easy to groom. Give them a good brush once a week and that should keep their coat in good condition. When molting, use a good slicker brush as they will lose their complete undercoat. More attention is needed when the dog is molting. A good 'slicker' brush, a wide toothed comb, and a good rake will make grooming easier.


Estrela Mountain Dogs have relatively few health problems, of these are hip dysplasia and gastric problems.


Exercise the Estrela Mountain Dog as much as you can.


Needs to be trained with a firm hand, but does not like to be dominated. He is known to be very stubborn and may be selectively deaf. Patience is the key to training.

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