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WEIGHT: 60 to 70 lbs
HEIGHT: 27 to 30 inches
COLOR(S): Black, white, red, blue, fawn, fallow brindle or any of these colors broken with white. Greyhounds can come in any color.
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The Greyhound is as swift as a ray of light and as graceful as a swallow. They are one of the oldest and purest known breeds. They have been used on practically all kinds of small game, but the hare are their natural quarry. They like to chase small animals and have a high prey drive. Normally a quiet dog, Greyhounds like to curl up on their dog bed and be lazy for most of the day. Outdoors they are very active, loving free space to run and something to chase. They are sleek, smooth dogs that are well muscled specifically for speed. They have small, fine ears with dark round eyes and a thin face. Their tail is long and whip like, and their forelimbs and chest are muscular. They are large sized dogs despite their thin look. Greyhounds are not only fast, but they also have rather large litters. Some litters can be up to 15 puppies. Greyhounds are lively, athletic and friendly. They are aloof with strangers, as most sight hounds are, but remain playful and faithful to their families. They are sensitive dogs, however, and care should be taken to ensure they are not treated harshly. They get along with most people and animals, although their natural instinct is to chase down smaller animals. They get along well with children, and are affectionate and gentle. Many Greyhounds come from racing backgrounds, and therefore may need to be retrained for a home life. The Greyhound makes a wonderful pet, racing companion and keen sight and scent hound.


Greyhounds are lively, friendly, intelligent and gentle. They are good with children, but not as good with other animals. Some are dog aggressive, and most have a high prey drive and will chase smaller animals. Greyhounds are sensitive, however, and should be treated kindly when training. They are affectionate and playful with their family, and quite aloof with strangers. Greyhounds love an orderly life with routine and without much change, although they adapt well to different situations. They enjoy runs as well as being a couch potato, have an affinity for their own bed or corner.


Fine and close, short and smooth over a sleek muscular body. Minimal grooming of the Greyhound's short coat is required. A firm bristle brush or comb or a rub down with a chamois will ensure a coat that gleams. Shampoo only when necessary. Nails should be cut regularly.


Thin skin which may tear easily, hemophilia, anesthesia sensitivity, eye disease and bloat. Bloat is a health issue to most dogs, being the second largest killer of dogs other than cancer, but Greyhounds can be particularly susceptible to it because of their deep chests. Racing Greyhounds may suffer from a variety of muscle and limb injuries, although they are among very few breeds not to suffer from hip dysplasia.


Greyhounds need regular exercise which should include daily walks and the opportunity for free run on hard ground. The Greyhound loves routines and will do best if required to stick to one.


Be careful when training a Greyhound though, as you do not want to break their spirit. They are sensitive creatures.

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