Dog Agility

Breed Profile


Bichon Frise

  • WEIGHT: 7 to 12 lbs
  • HEIGHT: 10 to 12 inches
  • COLOR(S): Solid white and cream colors.
  • BREED GROUP: Non-Sporting

All About Dog Agility

All About Dog Agility

by Jack Russell  

Dog agility is a canine competition that tests the maneuverability of the dog through an obstacle course in race. A handler directs the dog as it finishes the obstacle course. A judge records the canine's performance, specifically the time and accuracy of the run. The dog must successfully complete the obstacle course without a leash. The handler cannot entice the dog to complete the race using food or toys as incentives. In fact, the handler cannot touch the dog during the entire competition. The handler may only use vocal commands, and hand or body signals to direct the dog, which requires exceptional training and coordination between the animal and handler.

Dog Agility

A dog agility obstacle course consists of a limited number of obstacles predetermined by a judge before the event. The judge dictates the design of his or her own choosing in a specified area. The surface area of the obstacle course may be made of grass, dirt, matting, or rubber. The obstacles may need to be completed in a specific order, a requirement that tests the handler's coordination skills with their dog. The handler must assess the course, administrate handling strategies, and direct the dog through the obstacle course in a timely and accurate manner.

What is Dog Agility?

  • Columbia Agility: What is Dog Agility?: Dog agility competitions test a canine's maneuverability through course obstacles.
  • Dog Agility: A set of pictures from a live dog agility event.
  • What is Agility?: The Skyline Agility Club defines the sport that tests a dog agility among other participants within its own division.
  • What is Dog Agility? 101: Agility Addict attracts dog agility enthusiasts to learn more about ever-growing sport.
  • Agility 101 or What Do All Those Letters Mean?: A beginner's guide to dog agility that describes four different competition classes, including standard, jumpers with weaves, preferred standard, and preferred jumpers with weaves.
  • Why not try Agility! (PDF): Dog agility competitions provide a means for energetic, playful dogs to exert their energy outside of their kennel.

The Basics: Rules, Regulations, and Obstacles


Dog training

Dog Agility Organizations

  • Canine Performance Events, Inc.: A membership-based organization that arranges dog agility competitions around the United States.
  • United States Dog Agility Association, Inc. (USDAA): An authoritative dog agility association that promotes the education, training, promotion, and organization of competitive events.
  • Dogs on Course: An organization that recognizes canine competitions through a series of dog agility venues and other related sports.
  • Teacup Dogs Agility Association: A dog agility association that provides a competitive venue for dogs of small stature or of a particular breed.
  • UK Agility International (UKI): An international organization dedicated to providing pertinent information about the sport of dog agility to its expanding group of enthusiasts.
  • United Kennel Club: The world's largest all-breed dog registry that provides a variety of information, including dog agility events.
  • Minnesota Agility Club: A non-profit dog agility club specific to dog owners living Minnesota.
  • The Travis Agility Group: A non-profit organization that was formed to promote the sport of dog agility in the greater Austin and Central Texas region.