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Puppies for Sale

Choosing One From All the Puppies for Sale

You've found a breeder and now you must choose the ideal puppy for sale from the litter. But where do you start? They are all so cute and cuddly; any one of them would be perfect, right? Don't assume that. Careful consideration must be taken, so you can pick the best puppy from the litter. Don't let the puppy for sale choose you. This can be a mistake since any puppy can love you without being suited to you. Choosing a bold and pushy puppy for sale can pose difficulties as he or she matures. The puppy may be adorable and feisty at first, but could drive you crazy after a day or two in your home. Your best bet is to analyze all the puppies for sale in the entire litter. If the majority of them are suspicious or shy, then you should not buy any of them. These puppies for sale lack socialization, which can mean the breeder failed to socialize them, or shyness is in their genes. Responsible breeders will always socialize their puppies for sale. A note about shy dogs: shy puppies often grow into shy dogs, and can end up being difficult to train. Shy dogs can be fearful and may even snap defensively when startled. Shy puppies require a substantial time commitment, since extra training will be required to rehabilitate them.

Puppies for Sale

What You Are Looking For in Puppies On Sale

A typical litter of puppies on sale should be curious, friendly and trusting. They will be eager to check everything out...toddling around, crawling into your lap, nibbling your fingers and tugging at your shoelaces. A litter of puppies on sale may even wrestle with one another.

One-on-One Time with each Puppy For Sale

Your next step will be to visit with each puppy for sale individually. This will give you a chance to analyze his or her behavior away from the littermates. Some puppies may be overly anxious or uncertain on their own. Some energetic puppies may calm down when given undivided attention and be content to cuddle in your lap. Make sure everyone who lives in your home is present for this meet and greet. You will want to determine how each puppy for sale reacts with each family member. You may want to make a series of sounds, such as laughing, shouting, crying, a loud single clap or hissing and analyze the puppy's reaction. He or she should be startled, but bounce back relatively well. You won't want an overactive puppy for sale, as he or she could be extremely reactive when he or she grows up.

Qualities to Look for in Your Puppy for Sale

Which puppy should you choose from all the puppies for sale? You should look for a good-natured, socialized, easy-going puppy that doesn't growl. You want a puppy for sale that wags his or her tail and holds his or her own within the group. Look for the middle-of-the-road puppy, not the boss of the litter or the meekest dog of the pack. The chosen puppy for sale should also happily approach all members in your household.

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