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Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois

  • WEIGHT: 60 to 65 lbs
  • HEIGHT: 22 to 26 inches
  • COLOR(S): Dark brown to reddish brown, with black-tipped hairs. Black ears and mask
  • BREED GROUP: Herding

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Missouri is a great state to find a large selection of puppies for sale. Here you will find the greatest selection of AKC puppies for sale along with Specialty and Hybrid breeds. We offer the greatest selection of breeders in Missouri. Take a moment and browse all the dog breeds we have available in Missouri.

Jimmy is a cream male with a lot of white markings and may turn out to be a honey piebald. Time will tell if he actually has spots…

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  • BREED: French Bulldog
  • PRICE: $3800
  • LOCATION: Noble,Missouri
  • Listed: 07/29/2016

Megan has more brindling and white markings than her sister, Muffin. On her left side, you can easily see brindle stripes.

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  • BREED: French Bulldog
  • PRICE: $3500
  • LOCATION: Detroit, MI
  • Listed: 07/28/2016